I want to show you one of the last jobs I'm working on! It is a walker designed by Doug Chiang, founded in the book Mechanika (which I recommend to buy for all lovers of this style).

This is the artwork on which I am inspired:


The upper part is almost over, there are only a few details and the back side (not in seeing the design I will have to re-invent entirely)

Spider tank

Spider tank

Spider tank

Spider tank

Spider tank

Spider tank

I think to leave all the object as is for now; I prefer to finish all the parties of the upper body and then I'll add some details and adjust the models consistently with the overall design.

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3 Reply to "Spider Tank, directly from Doug Chiang art"

  • DMgraphics - Mauricio Garcia on 7 maggio 2011 20:55

    the model is being very well and the book is very good, how do you make the small hole in the third picture?



    Square on 8 maggio 2011 01:58

    thank man :)
    For the holes is use this process:
    -make the basic shape without hole
    -create a separate object with the outline of the hole
    -use the shrinkwrap on the outline to make it "stick" on the basic shape
    -apply the shrikwrap and join the 2 object manually

    Hope to be useful ;)


    DMgraphics - Mauricio Garcia on 31 maggio 2011 21:35

    hey thanks for the tips :D
    thanks men :D

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