Thanks again for the compliment :)

@pbrad: yep, you're right, I used a physically correct render :) My setup is similar to what you can found in the file "Studio render of Nissan Pathfinder", here:
So thanks to the Emirage for the fantastic set-up.

The environment is finished, here's a clay render:

I took inspiration from one of the last tutorial of Andrew Price (here adding a bit of details, and a hdri to to improve the reflections.

It seems over exposed, but adding the texture should fix it.

And here the wireframe as promised:

enviroment wire

The barrels and the shutters were first modeled perfectly straight, and then twisted and ruined using lactice.

I also uv-unwrap all the models that I need:

The next step is the material/texture!

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    Thanks Michele :)

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