The Agusta motor is finally finished!

Here's come the renders made with Octane 1.11:

And some shoots:

Follow this link for the WIP.

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3 Reply to "MV Agusta Brutale motor"

  • Unknown on 29 giugno 2013 05:02

    This is almost crazy :) Do you have the bike? What are you using for reference? Amazing level of detail!


    Square on 2 luglio 2013 08:00

    Thank you so much :)
    No, unfortunately I don't have the bike; I used tons of photos for reference


    Unknown on 22 febbraio 2014 06:49

    I tried to convert a concept bike to 3d but the detail on the engine partas got me crazy. But what you did here it's amazing. The forms of the modeling... god! What tools do you usually use in modeling? Bolean? i have trouble withe the typology with those round and hard surfaces all over the place.

    It would be amazing one tutorial, at least in one part of the engine, in modeling. I've been wishing that for years lool xD There's no good tutorial in real ADVANCED modeling in blender. I'm kinda blocked :S

    Keep up the good Work! Congrats! :D

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