Cuboid aliens

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I want to show you a quick render I made, inspired by an illustration of Emanuele Tenderini

When I saw these cuboid things, I absolutely had to do it

Cuboid aliens

At first I tried to make something more realistic, but the result was a bit too

Cuboid aliens ver_1

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  • Unknown on 3 maggio 2011 07:11

    Ahah! The realistic cuboids are wonderful!! They are so inquetantly... :)


    Square on 3 maggio 2011 07:35

    Hahahah, thanks Michele, the real one was really too damned creepy :)


    Manu on 3 maggio 2011 10:48

    wonderful!! :) i'll talk about it tomorrow on my blog! ;))))


    Square on 3 maggio 2011 12:28

    Thanks Manu, I'm glad that you like it :)


    Unknown on 5 maggio 2011 00:19

    Hi! I really like what you came up with. My friend Kewl asked me if I could share with him a shader setup for the ice and I thought I'd give it a try. I have made a simple and very quick doodle and you can see the render I came up with here:

    Thanks for the time. ;)



    Square on 5 maggio 2011 00:49

    Hi, in this render I've used indigo so I can't be very helpful :)
    Your render is came out very good, for a ice shader take a look at this:

    Try to tweak a litle the gloss amount value in the "transparency" tab, so it will look more rought and lass glassy :)

    A last things, the idea (ice cube with an eye) came from Emanuele Tenderini's artwork, please mention him too in your post ;)

    Hope to ear you again!


    Unknown on 5 maggio 2011 01:02

    I agree with you. Adding a bit of gloss to the surface will indeed make it more 3-dimensional and add more roughness to the surface. However, I wanted a cleaner, almost-wet look to it. I wish I'd be able to doodle around on it more, probably adding some cracks, bubbles, and what not. Perhaps next time. ;)

    Ooops, I forgot to credit the original artist, my bad. Ok, I've edited now my post. Thanks so much, mate. ;)


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